Hi, I'm CarlAltDel.

I am the founder of Nerd Face. I set this thing up after starting my let's play channel and wanting a place for me and my friends to put our work together and help each other with their videos and channel. 

I've been a big gamer all my life with my first console being the ZX Spectrum and and my first game Booty. Since then I've become a big RPG fan, with my favourite game series being Fallout and Mass Effect respectively. 

These days I love recording my let's plays, streaming and doing the recording podcasts when I can. I stream 3 times a week on Twitch and on YouTube I release a gaming news show on Friday's, an indie let's play series called Ingenious Indies every Wednesday and a weekend let's play series on Saturdays. 
You can find my stuff on YouTube under the name CarlAltDel, my Twitch streams here. Find me on social media facebook and twitter