Hi, I'm Carl and I'm pretty awesome, hence the name Carl Is Awesome.

I am the owner of Nerd Face, run the podcast and the channel. I set this thing up after starting my let's play channel and wanting a place for me and my friends to put our work together and help each other with their videos and channel. 

I've been a big gamer all my life with my first console being the ZX Spectrum and and my first game Booty. Since then I've become a big RPG fan, with my favourite game series being Fallout and Mass Effect respectively. 

These days I love recording my let's plays and podcasting and just want to share these things with the world. You can find my stuff on YouTube under the name Carl Is Awesome, my facebook page in under the same name while my twitch channel and twitter are under the name CarlIs_Awesome. I'm always open so find my facebook page or grab me on twitter and I'll thank you over and over and over again for being interested in me.

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