The NerdFace Conan Exiles server is relaxed PvP server with a friendly and open community. 

Direct connect to our server with or search for out server by typing in and click to add the server to your favourites 

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List of Rules (Rules are subject to change)

  • No glitching, hacking or cheating
  • No raiding between 1am - 7am (weekdays) 2am - 7am (weekends)
  • Do not destroy stairs to your base to stop raiding
  • Stairs to your buildings must be the same tier as the walls/doorways they are connected to. To make raiding possible.
  • No building in spots that cut off major path ways, blocking off large areas of the map off to others
  • Combat logging is forbidden: Logging off while fighting is not allowed/permited
    (If you are being harassed, notify an admin)
  • No griefing* or constantly harassing other players

This is a relaxed PvP server, so while PvP is allowed and encouraged try not to go to far by griefing people.
*What we consider griefing:

  • Destroying beds unnecessarily
  • Repetedly raiding people lower level than you
  • Destroying Dancers, Furniture and other items that you will not gain from

This is not a strict rule as PVP is part of the game, but we want to protect people's hard work being destroyed unnecessarily.

Siege weapons allowed. Try not to level some ones base with siege weapons though. 

We want everyone here to have an awesome time and enjoy the many aspects of the game. 

Server resets every morning at 7am