Hey, I'm Josh. I'm Carl's Handler or "Co-Host".

I first got into gaming at the age of 4, my first game being the "unsuitable" Castle Wolfenstein 3D on MS-DOS. Because of this I started as a PC gamer until I received a Playstation for my birthday a few years later and grew to love both PC and Console gaming equally.

I'm also a devoted Airsoft player, so when I'm not gaming I'm running around shooting with the "Dogs of War".

I'm an aspiring computer game designer and hope to be "creating" in the near future. I love doing the podcast with the rest of the crew, making sure Carl keeps on track and doesn't take us to the weird places his mind goes. I would like to begin recording let's plays, with Nerd Face, but with my main focus of game design taking up most my time I haven't been able to do this yet but this could change one day very soon.